How does pollution work in 7.7?

  • Hello fellow ECO-players,

    Does anyone have a clue how the new ground pollution spread works?
    I played the game half a year ago, and there was no problem burrying half a full 5x5x5 stockpile 10-20 tiles below the ground.

    But now?

    First of all, we currently have around 30-40 stockpiles at deepest Level (~7-8) :D...

    But we see no chance in stopping the pollution at ground level (~50).
    In the worldmap, everything is 'white'. Using the soilsampler we see pollution levels at around 400-6000% (of what? :) ).
    It's just marginally higher undergroud, maybe even the same.

    Is this intentionally from the game devs?
    Maybe they want us to have pure industrial areas around the world?

    Or is there a serious way to stop these large amounts of tailings polluting our city?

    It would be really useful to have the actual formula (how pollution spreads) :D

    We think about dividing our stockpiles to a larger area, because smaller amounts don't seem to do much harm to the environment on top.

    Before we invest too much time in this, has anyone recently played with larger amounts of tailings? And found a way to store them correctly?

    Thanks in advance, you might save our planet ;)

    Edit: I got some information on the eco discord server:
    Someone sugested to place tailings under the deepest mountain with low rainfall and moisture levels. Our initial place I mentioned above has pretty high moisture levels. Maybe thats why we are experiencing that immense spread of pollution.