Will the developer contributions extend to the website?

  • Because I really want to fix that flickering bug with the mouseover effects on the homepage...

  • I don't see this bug, can you be more specific? Or maybe even a gif. :P

    At least the wording seem's to imply you have a fix for it, but i don't even see the flickering is the only reason im asking where it's at maybe im looking in the wrong area lol. But i looked at the Eco page, and the forum home page.. and the strange loop games home page didn't see a flicker.

    Edit: Also, browser your using?

  • I don't see the flickering (on either Edge or IE) but I sure wish there was a way to change the green-on-green to a higher contrast scheme... :-(

  • Hah, well we plan to have a lot of webtools for Eco (laws, graphs, player accounts), and we could open source those too. I think that would be pretty helpful to have out there, and people could use them as example to build new webtools too.

  • Hey PatchworkKnight, I do the web stuff for Strange Loop Games.
    Which homepage are you referring to? ECO or SLG?

    Feel free to send me the solution ^:)^
    Or just point it out and ill get to it.

  • Oh and Cardio, I'll do a color/styling boost on the forum soon. Sometime after our PAX demo which is priority this week.

  • Chrome on Windows 10.

    Mousing over the feature thingies at http://www.strangeloopgames.com/eco/ isn't animating smoothly. I'm sure you could fix it in less than 5 minutes of googling as I've dealt with that issue before, assuming its animated with css3. The fix involves the backface-visibility property, I'm fairly certain. Then again, this fix was from a couple years ago, so maybe things changed.

    I haven't gotten around to poking around it much because I've been keeping my laptop at work (currently commuting by bus). But if the website is free game for contributions, I'll keep an eye out for other improvements I could make...

  • for what it's worth, looks smooth to me in Chrome on Windows 10.

  • Ya I see what you are referring to.
    It's from using the CSS animation: transform: scale();
    Just tried adding: -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; but it made it blurrier on hover.

    I was just assuming it was a subtle side effect of transform: scale();
    Thanks for the suggestion though.

  • I'm not encountering this issue but wondered if the following would make any difference as it has been mentioned a few times to stop the flickering
    <code>-webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d;</code>

  • Aww damn, thanks for trying though.

  • Thanks Scots, I tried that with no luck.
    Also tried <code>-webkit-filter: blur(0px);</code> but again it did not effect the slight blur on hover.

    Not too worried about it, but thanks for the help!

  • @PatchworkKnight I've the same smooth issue (Chrome on Windows 10)

  • I tried tackling the problem yesterday, had as much success as RainFarmer (and came across a number of the same fixes).

    From what I can tell, its a problem in how webkit animates the scale property. Webkit converts it into an image and then animates the scaling. This causes the blurriness when it tries to scale up.

  • @RainFarmer
    I think if you apply an identity 3d transform or a z-index, it'll keep the element permanently animated (in its own stacking context which may mess with your layout). Setting the opacity to 99% might work too.

    What I'm seeing is a flicker on anim begin/end between anti-aliased text (animated rendering) and sub-pixel (clear type) text - this happens because the GPU can't do sub-pixel rendering (AFAIK at least).

    In theory it'll only happen on Windows with clear type enabled and in a browser with both native text rendering and gpu acceleration support...? (Not so sure there.)

    At least I think that's what it is. Link:

  • On 100% zoom, the second line of detail text janks one pixel up and down during the anim
    110% - it looks like the text got a minor bold on mouse over
    125% - the last line of text janks

    Have fun! :D

  • Wow! Thanks for the research into this.
    I'll definitely try to implement this when I get a chance.

    You a web dev @SethV?

  • I'm not sure that is what the bug is but that's what it looks like.
    I'm a full stack dev - I just read a lot.

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