Seeds for all plant species; survival of rare plants

  • On a few servers I've been on, there have been a couple species that have a tendency to be very rare, IE, pitcher plants, bullrush, and sometimes creosote bushes. What's unfortunate is that with tiny populations, even when their habitats are completely undisturbed, they have a tendency to go extinct because their reproduction rate doesn't equal or exceed their death rate. It would be nice if the algorithms could be adjusted a little so that things wouldn't die out if they and their environment are unharmed by players' activities.

    On the same note, it would be nice if seeds could be collected from any type of plant. For instance, many of the plants I harvest for fiber, such as salal and most grasses, have never given me seeds. If we could produce seeds from every type of plant species, it would give us more options in terms of habitat restoration if needed and also gardening.

    Once again, it's an awesome game, and thank you for all your hard work! :D

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