Z's EcoSystem Active Community Newplayers Welcome No Reset 24/7 Dedicated Custom Mods&spSkills

  • Server Location:East Tn usa
    Become a player today and check out the increased carry weights for players, carts, trucks,all carried items can now be stacked at 50
    tailings have uses like fuel for trucks,new storage containers,new sp levels new jobs and so much more
    The server is great for beginners and those who are more experienced as well. Join today and become part of an active community.
    Discord Server:https://discord.gg/qWcaEpE
    World Size:4km
    Difficulty:highcollaboration but sp is increased also.
    We are Running on a dedicated system its 24/7
    Hosted by JuJuServerHosting
    IP; Port:

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