Fruit and nut trees and other plant suggestions

  • It would be really cool if we could add a few species of native fruit and nut trees. Here are a couple of ideas:
    Oak (Acorns were used by Native Americans as a food source, so it would be cool if they were a more useful food in the game and if oak trees yielded a useful amount of acorns for food).
    California black walnut
    American plum (native to North America from the Great Plains and eastward; not sure if this is supposed to be covered by the game, but I thought I'd mention it)
    American persimmon (native to the Southeast starting in eastern Texas and Oklahoma; again, not sure if in scope)

    Also, for plant fibers, there are species of cotton native to some areas of North America, so that might be something interesting to add to the game. :D

  • One I forgot to add was the mesquite tree. There might be other good ones, too. :)

  • And in terms of cotton, that could be a replacement for the currently existing and less realistic plant fiber sources.

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