Come Join C's Better Server "Have mods" carry cap inc, lots more.

  • Hello every one, i am the owner of this world and im looking for new great players to join this great world. When you join you will get some bonus cash to start off. The are you first spawn in has alot claimed area but thats just the city. We have mods like better mining, better woodcutting, better farming, shipping crate, big shovel and many more. Down below is some more info on the actual server it self.
    :Server Name: C's Better Playground
    :Server Location: Dedicated server in the USA "near NY"
    :Brief Description: We have many mods, increased carry caps "can carry 60 ore+, for example" we have a main city that is always being upgraded and added to, We are almost at lasers as of 9/22/18 but still a bit of a way to go. this server will NOT be reset, i know alot of servers say that but i WONT reset unless the server it self dies out, or every one wants to reset. come join our discord and find out more.
    :World Owner-Chris123111
    :Server Admin(s): chris123111, Deb, Zar, and zombie when he gets on.
    :IP; Port: "if 3000 dosent work try 3001"
    :Discord Server:-
    :World Size:2.96 we have the main area, but still have alot of world untouched after so many days.
    :World Difficulty: High Collab, but you get house sp, Action sp, and action time sp. enough to get what you want but not enough to rise the ranks in one day.
    :World Objective: Just set your skill you want to go into, in game will show what we really need in here.
    "if if you are new and looking for a new server or a dedicated player we are welcoming both,"
    :Some bonus stuff the server does-
    :We have a in game weekly lotto, Kinda like the real lotto in life.
    :We have contests of many sorts and you can win in game money from that.
    :Our discord always has some one in it just like the server, both are up 24/7
    "we never go down, we never shut off"
    and lots and lots of other cool things that you just have to see in game, =) hope to see you in here.

  • Any one who joins through here, if you join on discord also and send me the message "eco sp" you will start off with a bonus 100sp and 500 Gold Coins. Good luck and see you all in here.

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