Question about simulation details

  • So hi.

    I was thinking about adding some things to the environment (apple trees, peach trees, maybe other crops and such? Maybe ferrets? lol). Anyway, prior to even considering something like that, I wanted to learn more about how the simulation is functioning.
    I've set up several servers with varying numbers (by altering death, spread, etc rates) of plants and animals.

    I increased plants a bit to see what would happen, since an addition of trees and berries or crop plants would add to the number of spawning plants. To compensate, I also increased the rates of the plants that are 'food plants' for animals - waterweed, grass, etc.

    I've been having a problem with trout and salmon dying out. Not tuna, just trout and salmon. laugh I don't know how this is happening!

    I tried making Kelp (and clams and urchins even) extra food items for those two fish. I HAD added them to the food for otters, but took that off in case it was causing their decline. Nope. Nothing is helping. I'm confused.

    Since there are no other players and no other variables I can find, I'm so lost. Does anyone have a way to tell what the simulation is actually doing, so maybe I could find out what's going on?

    Oh, and someone broke the /noah commands - they think /noah 25 is asking for 'trout,25', 'tortoise,25', etc, not 25 of 'trout' and 25 of 'tortoise', etc. Someone seems to have misplaced a quotation mark in the parser or something. :P

    Also, spawnanimal doesn't work for trout and salmon - I've tried. It works for all other animals on my server that I've tried it on, just not those.

    Lol so I'm out of fish except tuna... again. :D

  • Spawning trout and salmon on our server works just be standing in the water when you do it.

  • Hmm. Forgot I had some mods in there - that's probably what's making the spawning fail somehow.

    But this doesn't answer my question, only the potential for spawning issues. Does anyone know how the simulation behaves with regard to the life cycles of plants and animals, for making a new one?

  • I'm also very curious about how the ecosystem simulation behaves, and things they intend to add in the future, like erosion.

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