Resolution Problem

  • Hi, for Alpha 0.3 in noticed following.
    When i´m playing at 1920x1080 i can´t open my skills, bluebrints, laws but i can open the backpack.
    playing windowed at 1680x1050 all works fine.

    What i don´t know, with the reworked skillsystem, can i still acitvate one skill to train it when im offline or is it only possible to spend the skill points? If it is possible to select one to train it permanently it not able to select one.

    Windows 8.1, Geforce GTX 680, 3 Active Monitors (Eco in the Middle = Monitor 2)

  • I tried fullscreen 1920x1080 resolution, and I can't repro problem you mentioned.

    @Wutstock You are not activating any skill for new skill system. You gets skill points and you spending those skill points to any skill you want to development. Skill points are acquired no matter you are logged in or not.

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