• Is there any way to get a refund from this game? me and my wife got this all the way back in 7.0x where dev's said they would add some kind of user login cashe so we can login once to show we own the game and then it would set it so we can then play offline after this point me and my wife don't have access to the internet on a day to day base anymore and we really wanted to play the game but we can't I feel eco had a good time to add this opiton, even Minecraft has this option, this is how we play on our home server right now but eco think the world as good internet when many people don't, and it's not about pay more to get better internet that is just not the case, no matter how much we pay we wouldn't be able to get faster internet.

    So I feel eco has not done there job here to cater to everyone fairly, offline play should be a thing, and NO it's not to stop pirating as every version so far part from the new update as been pirated so this is NOT to stop this.

    A: I believe they don't give a flying chicken
    B:They don't know how to add it
    C:They think they are really making a difference in the pirates when there not
    E:They don't really care what there members said, I have seen loads of people asking for this option for the very same reason, and they said or ya we could add it, but clearly they don't care or want to do it.

  • Actually it's F: We thought this was a thing that was already in the game.

    Could you ping us on discord or open a bug report so we can troubleshoot this? A couple of us just tested running the game without an internet connection and were able to get into a world without trouble so either you are doing things slightly different than us or something hinky is going on.

  • Soon as I open the game the game asks me to login so I not sure what your doing to get it past this stage, I have logged in once before that to make connection to your servers, I don't use the steam version I use the version you download from the site.

    Also this is how I been told it works it does a check every time the app is open rather then cashing, this came from your member of staff on discord.

    Maybe it will work logging in then going offline but this isn't helpful when there is no internet connection at all so I haven't tired it that way as it's not useable in a offline setup.

    So what I did was, start up the server, and it was already set not to be public, that's fine, then I logged in to the app and it showed it in the server list. I closed game only not the server and disabled the internet and relaoded and the game is asking me to login again, this is the newist update and I am on windows 10 ent 1607

    I have only tested this like I said on the normal version, but another problem is I have the normal none steam version and the wife has the steam version so I not sure how we would do that also.

    I believe it should create a session that is per computer rather then per login but I am not the creators of the game and the reason they picked per open the game is a loss to me, having a user having to send login data is also not the best idea but still, in the dev's eyes I know nothing.

    How did you do the no internet connection test, did you login the disconnect or what? I be willing to test little more but same time I don't see this option in the game nor seeinging it working that way.

  • At the moment offline play only works through steam. We do not currently support off line play through SLG, maybe at some point in the future.

  • I have one key left so I will try this with steam and see if that is usable, but I am able to use my SLG version of the server right?

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