What's the value in cooking?

  • I'm failing to see the value in the advanced cooking skills, particularly culinary arts 1. A "Wild Mix" salad takes an obscene number of ingredients (200 Huckleberries and 10-30 of 3 other fruit/veggie/rice mixtures) just for one salad whose calorie count is dwarfed by just eating a mixed combination of the core ingredients.

    Can someone help me understand why I would ever go beyond Advanced Campfire cooking or Cooking 1 with full efficiency bonuses?


  • there are two answers to that the short and the long.

    the short answer is SP gain, you get higher SP gain from high level foods then you do from lower level foods.

    the long answer is finding the best SP gain for the food you are making. From what I have found is that adv campfire is only going to give you around 55 food SP where home cooking is going to give you 85 food SP and adv cooking is going to give you around 120 food SP. The reason behind this is how food SP is calculated. you have your 4 food value categorizes, carbs, protein, fat and vitamins. Adv campfire foods are going to max around 12 for any given value. like chard meat is like 10 fat and 12 protein but 0 carbs and 0 vitamins. when you balance that out with a food that has carbs and vitamins you are going to create a new value. when you take all 4 values and ad the multiplier you get your final food SP value. the multiplier raises from 1.1 to 2.0 based on how close your 4 values are to each other. example if each of you 4 values is 10 then you multiplier will be x2. but if you have 3 values at 8 and 1 at 10 your going to have a x1.6.

    so when you eat adv campfire food your 4 base value are going to only be around 8 to giving you a food SP gain of around 55. with home cooking you can get around 9 so you get 85 food SP. and with adv cooking you'll have 15 for a food SP of 120.

    yes you need a lot of crops to make more adv foods. but not all foods are equal. so you have to look at the values you are going to eat. like with home cooking. ppl assume that veg soup and skimmed meat will give the highest SP gain, but reality is that basic salads and crispy bacon will give you the best overall value for home cooking. With adv cooking if you eat bear supreme and sweet salads you'll get around 12o food SP. Honestly most of the foods you can cook are worthless, like stuffed turkey.

    I hope that helps answer your question. I apologize for the long explanation, but its very complex system that can't be correctly answered with a one liner.

  • This is a great response. I may have more questions when I get back in game but this sheds a lot of light on the issue.



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