Cant connect to friends server

  • List of Things you need to know.

    1. Google Chrome
    2. When I try to join friends server after logging out of the game it loads for about 5 seconds and tells me Connection Timed Out, and tells me to either copy bug report or submit a bug report. (I tried to submit a report but failed, thats a bug report on its own :P)
    3. It isn't difficult to reproduce as it happens every time I go to log into my friends server after logging out of the game.
    4. beta
    5. Error Code from crash of server join: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
      at GraphicsSettingVSync.OnDestroy () [0x00000] in <4541e0b3a64a40fa96a17a87af6e7bf6>:0

    (Filename: <4541e0b3a64a40fa96a17a87af6e7bf6> Line: 0)

    Kind Regards! Ryan

  • Those are some good finds, since there seems to be an issue with the bug reported can you report all of the directly here