Eco Concrete - Cement + Tailings

  • After digging around and realizing that there were a lot of complaints on how to deal with the huge amounts of tailings, as as well as the fact that there seems to be a rather huge amount of ores to process, and that the reduction of tailings doesn't actually work...I needed a solution. When I used the blast furnace to process ore, it would say 20 bars are made for 40 ore at max efficiency. However - it still made 20 tailings.

    So to make use of all of this waste I now introduce Eco Concrete, the product of mixing cement with tailings which, in real life would make the chemicals in tailings inert and safe to use in construction. This is a real life means of handling the waste as making huge caverns underground and living on massive piles of tailings is kinda .. yeah.

    To use this - download the file via the link below and then copy it into the game folder at:

    Single Player with Server launched from in game: \Eco\Eco_Data\Server\Mods\AutoGen\Recipe
    Multiplayer Server: \Eco Server\Mods\AutoGen\Recipe\


    Coming Soon:

    • Tailings produced when raw ores are separated into pure ore and tailings which produce more metal when fired and 0 slag. Unseparated ores don't produce tailings, but take longer to process producing more air pollution and producing less metal and producing slag as well.
    • Slag is a non-polluting dirt block with the same model as tailings but with a darker shade. (I'm not sure how I'm going to do this yet, but thats the plan)
    • Possibly: Burning tailings in a blast furnace to produce slag as an inert chemical free version (chemicals are burned off) but takes a long time, producing air pollution in the process.

    Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts and feedback - and I'll keep bringing more mods to the table for players to enjoy!

  • Hi Bulwuff,

    thanks for this mod. Maybe I will try this in the next days.
    I agree with you because the implementation of tailings in Eco is very unrealistic. Snoberry described it on reddit:
    (I found a thread from Snoberry here in the forum, too:

    I hope the developers will change this behavior.

    It would be nice if you could add your mod to so server owners can enable this mod easily by subscribing it.

    Thanks and regards,

  • Sounds very interesting, if installed will this mod continue to work if the server is updated to lates beta versions as they are made available?
    I would like to see a mod where as enormous amounts of tailing are needed to produce a single craft valuable item. YOu would have to craft it in a special type furnace that would use coal and tailings together for fuel along with gold and silver bars and tailings to produce a single special rod of unobtainium.

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