Entering the world

  • Hi, I am very disappointed, it's been several times that I can not enter my server. It blocks to: "entry into the world", I see myself connected to the server but nothing. I used backup but it makes me the same thing. I bought another account and I have the same problem with this one. I flushed the game cache several times. Nobody has an idea ?

  • Mysterious!
    Can you login to another public server?
    Have you tried logout and fresh login?
    Can you create a new world as single player?
    Is DotNet up to date (guessing windows is used)?

  • I can connect to other public or private servers. I'm on my server, other person gets to log on

  • I meant this logout – it creates local data if corrupted

  • 5 days that it lasts ... it makes me the problem on 3 instances, servers that I launched, locally or dedicated. I stop eco :(

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