Come Join C's Better Playground

  • Server Name: C's Better Playground
    Server Location: right around New york.
    Brief Description:Got tired of ban happy admins who even banned people for making something, trivial things like that made me make this server where you are now free to make what you want and build as you wish and you wont get kicked for getting ahead.
    Server Admin(s): Looking for admins atm.
    Password protected?: Not yet, deciding on if i should.
    IP; Port:Msg me in Discord please for info. Thank you
    Discord Server"Yes"/Teamspeak/Ventrilo, (optional):
    World Size:2.96 "dm thats big" lol =)
    World Difficulty: Right now its based off of how many people are in there, when more join will increase in difficultly a little bit.
    World Objective: Replant what you take, Throw pollution items into world garbage, and set what you want to do as your objective, any thing else let me know.
    Image (optional-please limit to 1 image): "i hope i set that up right"

  • Hello every one, i am the owner of this world, and a breif update to what my admin posted,
    Server Name: C's Better Playground
    Server Location: Dedicated server on the EastCoast.
    Brief Description:A server where it welcomes new players and experienced ones alike, we have main road systems that connect the entire world together. The starting area you spawn in will have some rules/info boards up so please read them when you get in there if you do logg in. Please replant what you use, and bring garbage to the right location. "admins only use their powers also to get players unstuck/help with somthing.
    World Owner-Chris123111
    Server Admin(s): Zombie Freak
    IP; Port:Msg me in Discord please for info. Thank you
    Discord Server:-
    World Size:2.96 " there are still areas that we haven't even gone to."
    World Difficulty: The sp rate is is going to be decent from the house but you will get some sp from skills, and actions, not much but still enough to get decent sp from playing alot.
    World Objective: Set your skill set you want when you get in here, please replant every thing you use, and get rid of garbage in the right spots.
    That is the updated version that i was going to post but my admin like i said got a bit ahead of me so if you have any questions please join my discord and ask me any thing. Im in there most of the time. Hope to see you in here. =)

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