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  • Did the latest version change how ground pollution works? I had my tillings 15 deep surrounded by rock and everything was fine. I come on today to the update and my area is polluted.

  • Yes i read this on reddit: We have pushed 7.7 to live and with it come a host of changes.
    Some of the highlights include:
    Loans and Bonds
    Updated ramps that are now 1 wide blocks
    An Intro Story Sequence as part of the tutorial
    Changes to Tailings
    An Updated Minimap
    The full patch notes are available on the official site.

    i am not sure if i can post links, but im sure you can find it with google ;p.

  • Yeah I saw the patch notes about Tailings the only thing I Saw was:

    Tailings Efficiency
    Changed base production of tailing from 2 to 5 for Iron Ingot recipe and from 1 to 2.5 for Smelt Iron recipe.

    Now tailings affected by efficiency. On max efficiency 1 for Iron Ingot recipe and 0.5 for Smelt Iron recipe (you should smelt at least two ingots to get benefits).

    I'm hoping it will disappear. It's quite a lot now that I see it.

  • i saw in a youtube vid that tailings will provide more polution now, the lower the tailings are the less polution it gives. so best thing is to dig to the bedrock.

  • I am having the same issue, I have dug it bellow 20, around 18-19 from center, and the pollution is still massive. everything in the area on the surface is dying.

    Is it supposed to be this bad? I do not see the logic in it. tailing is the toxic heavy metal left overs from smelting the ore.
    So how does this pollution seep upwards?

  • at the moment i don't see any good solution for tailings. The only way to deal with it, is to place it where you don't farm. 30 blocks away the pollution is still around 5% which is to much for plants. What I really think about is, if it's supposed to be like that. I think it should clean itself after some days to dirt or garbage.

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