Hitting Rock Bottom

  • I don't know if everyone has done this or not but for my tailings pit I dig right down
    to the bottom and I can't dig any more I physically have hit "rock bottom"

    When you try and dig any further you hear a "ting" sound and it
    won't let you dig any further.

    The bottom is that reddish / brown colored floor in my picture. Hitting "rock bottom"
    is not that pretty folks. :)

    I got down to where about my Z co-ordinate was at about 9 you can
    mouse over yourself on the mini-map to get your full co-ordinates
    Z is your depth and is the middle coordinate.

    But for anyone that hasn't seen it before here is the picture



  • I haven't tested this for longer than about 10 days, but what I do:

    Instead of hollowing out a 5x5 area at bedrock, I did straight down to bedrock. Sometimes /unstuck works, other times you have to make a staircase, or have a partner.

    You, or your partner if you're stuck and trying not to cheat with /unstuck, will just shovel the tailings in. They act like dirt and drop to the ground, and don't spread as long as the top of your hole is just stone. I've not seen any pollution spread, and my underground house was brick on top of this method of tailing storage.

  • Ya but I wanted to put my Bloomery down there too so I opted to do a proper stair case and dig out the 5x5 or bigger area.

  • Yeah, having your bloomery/furnace in your tailing storage is the best way to 100% avoid pollution from tailings.

  • I wondered what would happen if you tried to dig through the center of the planet. It makes me curious if at that depth it's possible to dig horizontally to the other side of the center (since the circumference would be smaller at that depth I would imagine) and then meet up with a tunnel from the other side, effectively creating a tunnel through the world. Not useful, but I still thought it would be interesting. :)

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