Paradox Gaming Community Server! Started: 27/8/2018

  • Paradox Gaming is a brand new community and we have our own, brand new, ECO server.
    We have launched both the community and the server on the 27th August 2018.
    We have acquired a stable server which will be able to support a large amount of players and bring people together as one community.

    We have lots of different ideas for the server and I am sure you have too. Some people like Politics, building a strong economy or even saving the ecosystem. We want ALL of this. We would love multiple groups of people fighting for government, an active political democracy and an economy in which people can buy and sell with ease.

    We want to welcome new players all the time! We will make everyone and anyone welcome and support them when we can. This could start with giving them a few logs at the start and in the future it might mean a law in which poorer citizens gain gradual income. It’s all up in the wind and we will decide together.

    Want to check out our current laws? Click on the following link.

    We also have a discord. We use it as a platform to talk to each other about things both in the game and outside of the game, whether that is with voice or with text. Everyone can join. Support in game will be included.

    Paradox Gaming Discord

    We have tweaked a few settings in the game. We have a 3km² world in which anyone can join. Not happy with your professions and skills? We have a refund rate of 70%!
    How long do we have to destroy the meteor? 30 days!

    This may sound like a lot to take in but once in-game, it will be easy and a lot of fun.

    You have read all of this and finally want to join? No worries. - This is the IP to our server
    Or search for our server name - Paradox Gaming

    We welcome all and hope to see you with us!

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