Change of game operation mode

  • Respected developers, hello, I am a player from China, after experiencing the game, feel that few players, I hope you change the way the game is run, to recruit more players to join!

    1. I hope the game is free, so that more players can be attracted to join the game, and piracy can be eliminated!

    2. previously purchased players can be converted to one or more DLC.

    3. in games, you can drop your skin or sell your skin for profit. After all, everyone loves beauty.

    4. if the game is free, you can introduce some DLC members and pay DLC like that.

    5. suggested that the game support Chinese, after all, China has many players, now there are 10000 people!

    6. the way of game management can refer to similar game Unturned!

    7. support creative workshops, refer to the players' suggestions and add objects that players want.

    This is the translation of Baidu, if there is a grammar irregular place, please forgive me!

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