What's the craziest thing you've seen/done?

  • For me, for the longest time I couldn't dig up the dirt around a certain spot. Said the dirt was rooted or something but there was no tree. I happened to go by it again and I saw a small tree in a small hole that one shovel of dirt would fill. It wasn't the big looking tree that you would see when you plant one but smaller. I hit it with my ax and to my surprise the leaves fell off, then it fell like a normal tree and then I harvested about 20 wood off of it! Keep in mind this is a tree in a 1x1x1 hole. I wish I took a screen shot of it.

  • Another thing, I tunneled through a mountain and I had ramps to go down to the outside. I took my cart through the tunnel and down the ramps and I ended on top of the mountain while my cart was no where to be found. Another time I was flung half way across the map with my cart.

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