Please Adjust Farming

  • I enjoy farming over anything else. But it needs some help.

    1. The overcrowding is annoying. Please remove it all together. In reality crops are grown pretty dang close together and with the way farming is setup no one can afford to spread things out.
    2. Fix farming so that you don't have to travel all over the map to farm. I understand the different biomes and why crops should do better in one or the other. But it sucks the joy out of it traveling back and forth all day.
    3. Soil type should not change so rapidly. At the very least an entire 5 x 5 should be the same. But it is terribly difficult to find plots with better than 75% suitability. And if you do it is just going to be 1. Farmers need to be able to plant 4 (5x5) squares of a crop and be able to hit 75% or higher on the suitability pretty easy.
    4. Let farmers grow crops under greenhouses or something so they can grow them all in 1 field rather than all over the map. Let us use a sprinkler or something that will keep the moisture level perfect, something to easy up the process.
    5. tractors are cool but not really useful. figure out a way that they can be useful in game to farmers.

    I really enjoy farming and I hope you consider these thoughts into improving the game.

    1. I agree with the overcrowding, everything in my fields is overcrowded but they seem to grow just fine and I get a good yield, so pointless.

    2. I think the fact that you have to do a little traveling to get the good spots is okay. I would agree that they need to loosen up the conditions for growth a little though. The collaboration in the game adds a level were sometimes more then one person has to do a certain job. So as a farmer you could just farm crops that are good in your area and someone else can do others. This obviously becomes easier as more people join a server and harder if it is just you and some friends. So ultimately, maybe this could be something that you can adjust on the server to ease up on the difficulty for less populated servers.

    3. Not really sure about this one. Crop cycling would be interesting though. Get more crops in one area growing as well as give the real touch. There are crops that do reach the ground, maybe have a crop that can replenish that.

    4. A greenhouse would be cool, with the way I plow huge fields would be a little weird to have a huge building. Sprinkler, however, would be AWESOME. A perfect solution to moister on crops in my opinion.

    5. I think the tractor is just fine. With all of its attachments, you can literally bring up the heatmap, make it viewable in game. Plow that area and then sow that crop. Done, they grown and you can do in mass. Like all vehicles though I think it needs some work with control and operation.

    Something I would add about farming that I brought up in the discord is that it is really hard to tell where you have planted a crop or not in the fields. This is because most of the crops are just little tiny ity bity stems when you plant them. So they are hard to see. Adding something to it would make it a lot easier to tell that something is planted in that square or not especially when you are using the sower on the tractor.

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