Admin not logging in. Guy on server is an ***

  • So basically the admin hasn't logged in for days and this guy is being an *** basically trying to repeal the laws, he has a couple accounts so he can sway the votes (it's a small server), and swears he's going to destroy our world, as well as being very crude etc etc. Is there any way to get him out?

  • Ok well so you know this guy Deadeye10000 is the guy who is trying to be the next little Hitler
    on this server I am on. So basically it goes like this I join the server.. I say hey I want to be a smith
    this guy throws a fit and then passes a law immediately saying that basically that smithing
    can only occur on to pieces of private land one of them being his and there was one other and
    that anything that generates a tailing to deny it.

    So that was within the first say 15 minutes then he starts passing other oppressive laws
    on the server as well saying that you can't hunt except for in this zone and doing other
    stuff like that.

    Now this guy is in NO way the admin of the server in any way. The admin of the server
    seems to be awol or something he isn't around anyways.

    This guy is just trying to bully everyone and just being an all around idiot on the

    Please ignore this guy he never should have come here in the first place with this
    since it is a private server and is in no way run by StrangeLoop Games nor
    can StangeLoop games really do anything about a server that they do not

    If a mod happens to see this thread please just delete it totally and ignore this
    guy. This guy is in no way the brightest light bulb in the pack.

    Thank you,

  • Come on over to Earth Builders admins will help the people, the players build and make the laws, dedicated server up 24/7 and it stays current with the ECO updates as they occur.
    All issues are addressed.

  • Trust me AMX you don't want this guy in your servers. We have had laws long before his existence in this server and he is claiming we made them to bully him. He is now destroying all our roads and bridges because he won't get his way like a child.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Deadeye you and your buddies are the ones that are acting like children..I have been threatened to
    have my account hacked by Xutic and I have been told that this is "their" server and
    I asked Xutic if he was the admin the answer was no. He is just a player there
    like everyone else.

    But this idiot is trying to run people off the server so him and his buddies can
    have the hole server but the server info says that everyone is welcome

    These guys are idiots ignore this idiot Deadeye him and the rest of his
    buddies are the idiots here not me!

    I am sick of ahole bullies like these guys!

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