Fresh Server, Community Oriented! Less hills because that default terrain is...

  • Hello folks! New server on dedicated hardware is up and running. World is on Day 2, decent SP rate.

    Come on in and have some fun, lets build some cool cities. Many of our regular members are off until September so there are plenty of open professions for everyone!

    Join the discord to keep up to date with the server and meet players. *Lone wolves are useless and will probably be shunned and maybe kicked. We're all about team work.

    Server Name: Community or Death by Meteor!
    Server Location: France (low ping, never had lag complaints from players)
    Brief Description: Working together, having fun in a relaxed environment. No lone wolves.
    Server Admin(s): Zanta Claws
    Password protected?: No
    IP; Port:
    Discord Server:
    World Size: 100x100
    World Difficulty: Medium

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