Greenhouse and compost bin suggestion

  • I suggest adding a Placeable structure that you craft from lumber and glass on the saw table that would let you grow all planets and crops that you can get seeds for even if you are not in their biome, it would need fertilizer for fuel (and maybe add buckets, pipes and water pumps so that it could also need water that the player would have to use a bucket to add, or attach pipes and power a pump to get the water to it). If the fuel runs out the plants die and have to be replanted.

    I also suggest a compost bin to allow players to take items/trash and turn them into fertilizer, Items/trash could be placed into the compost bin and would turn into contaminated dirt (or just dirt/compost) over time. To make fertilizer from the dirt/compost the player might have to add meat or vegetables (and water if that gets added to the game) to the bin.

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