My thoughts on SP, and progression

  • Have a few thoughts on SP and how it affects the game, and the community on the servers.

    1 -
    I feel the specialities (professions) should be attainable through SP use, but that further growth of said speciality should be experience driven. As you buy the skill, but need to actively use it to get more profficient at it. So at the beginning you would take longer and use more materials than when you are experienced at it. Just like in real life, you are not an expert at the beginning. And if you cannot use SP to gain these advantages it would make these proficient users desirable. Even at late game, because those skills also require more materials than what we see now.

    As it is now, people just save up SP till they have enough to max a given skill. That way they do not waste materials. And when they are done with that skill they dump it to choose a new one. If you take away the ability to be a master at once, people may hold on to the professions for longer and still be relevant.

    An example would be:

    Mason -> Glassworker -> Electronic Engineering (Fiberglass -> Substrate -> Circuit)

    If you just choose these professions but do not use them (0% efficiency), this would cost you alot of materials. In this scenario: 1 Circuit would cost:

    • 1200 Stone
    • 240 Sand
    • 60 Glass
    • 20 Fiberglass
    • 4 Substrate

    You could potentially craft a ton of materials for future use, but it would be both time consuming and taxing on storage space.

    This change would make the impact we humans have on the planet more noticable if we choose to be inefficient. Or are unskilled.

    Every server I have played loses any point to proffesions after just a few days, due to them being so easy to max and therefore crafting a ton of the needed mats and then dumping the profession. You can even queue crafting then dump it to keep producing..

    2 -
    A skill check during production that prevents queueing a ton of crafting then changing skills.

    3 -
    Hosuing SP gain removed, and replaced with skill enhancing bonus. Efficiency, crafting time or other. Specific to the profession. For example to be a efficient woodworker you need to have a Forestry Cabin, that requires the workbench of the craft, and that it has for instance a set amount of trees in its vicinity. Making it a point to build your base to accommodate different professions. Not just build a tower with everything crammed in together.

    TL:DR: I think the current SP system along with how specialities currently work, does not really make people work together as skills are too easy to aquire as well as their easy upgrade. And the impact we have on the planet is minimal due to high efficiency with little to no work.

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