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  • Eco is exactly the type of game I am looking for. but the different skill sets need to be totally independent of one another. I should be able to choose to be a mason, for instance, without having to become a carpenter first. You
    should be able to succeed in the game with any ONE of the skill sets, and not have to learn many. Often, I would want to advance in one skill set, but have to go back and raise another so I could get a crucial ingredient totally unrelated to the skillset I was focussing on.

    I have ideas about the skill trees too, but that would require a very detailed and lengthy post.

    I get you want to have environmental consequences, but tailings are WAY too
    severe. I bet people have buried skyscrapers of tailings. it's ridiculous. IF you want to have people be aware of their impact on the environment, they need a way to MONITOR it AND a way to affect change or manage it AT EVERY LEVEL of the game. Just having the game go: "Oh, look, you are killing your world"
    is NOT productive or educational. What point is having a problem you can do nothing about? IF we can't SOLVE the problem or at least work on it to reduce it, There is no learning taking place.

    I wonder if there is a better world building algorithm? Settings for what kind of terrain and layout should be able to be chosen on game startup, before you let the game make a world. I would like to see more plains, and since you have ramps, why not use them for terrain in game? Everything doesn't HAVE to
    be so blocky. MY test world was so random it was almost impossible to navigate.

    Speaking of navigating, you BADLY need a compass and labels for plants and ores when highlighted on screen. having to actually harvest, then throw away something if it is not what you want is poor game control. (and the trash thus made NEVER goes away, even if it is just plants or harmless rock) You BADLY need instructions we can refer to. I repeatedly had to go to forums to find out
    commands or how to work something. This shouldn't be guesswork.

    Speaking of guesswork, Farming is just that. We get no idea when a planting will harvest and no notification when its ready. I had plants die repeatedly and harvest was minimal, even at max farming skill level. (I can't do fertilizer and it makes no sense.) again, instructions? I tried chopping off lower limbs of trees so I could see and move under them in some cases, but that killed the trees! Lower limbs on trees HAMPER a trees growth, not kill it.

    The other thing that bothers me is the room requirements. typically, most of hte machines used DO NOT require a room in real life, sometimes only a roof, and why they need so much free room around them is beyond me. IT makes no sense. IF you MUST have such a requirement, you need some sort of visual in
    teh game showing you how much room it needs. the meters squared info is
    meaningless. How big IS a game block? 1 meter? I am not good at math so if I build a room 3 blocks high inside, I have no idea how many blocks a machine table needs, so I cannot tell how big to build the house. I say eliminate that. it serves n o real purpose except to frustrate players.

    Why does everything have a deed? IF I lose my deed there seems to be no way to replace it. YOu should be able to click on a cart and MAKE a deed for it right there if you want to sell it (which would be the only reason I can see FOR a deed)

    It would be nice to be able to USE house furnishings like the bed. When it stats getting dark, go to bed and time slips by faster (If that works in a multiplayer game.) I kinda assume there is no time zones in play. OR going WITHOUT laying down reduces efficiency WHEN you get a bed. (no, I don't want to see my avatar go to the potty.)

    HOw about an in game store? I have looked all over my planet a far as I can tell, and have no camas bulbs. That means I cannot learn higher level cooking of any kind. a store would solve this or change the requirements for learning to
    something besides ingredients. At least alternative ingredients for a book. (ps, why books at all? all they do is clog up inventory or trash heaps. I would like it if learning produced the disappearing scroll only.

  • @greengo said:

    Often, I would want to advance in one skill set, but have to go back and raise another so I could get a crucial ingredient totally unrelated to the skillset I was focusing on

    This is meant to require players to work together with others. You can't be a mason without a carpenter in your world. You can't be a smith without a mason, and so on. This is to force you to cooperate or trade with other players to get things done. One of my servers actually has a 5 skill cap, so you must work together.

    I have ideas about the skill trees too

    Yes, they are working on it and it needs much more work. They removed the construction from the skill tree and gave it to everyone for free. They also need to work on making specs such as paper milling and fertilizers more useful. Currently those trees are pointless. There are also some skills that have benefits that unlock nothing beyond level 2 but still go to level 5.

    I have seen the devs mention that the tailings from the Blast Furnace will be changed into Slag eventually. I don't know how that will impact the storage, but we also have the ability to change settings on our servers. I am currently looking at increasing the effects of pollution on my low-rate long term server. You can monitor the issue through your map with the "group pollution" and "air pollution" layers. You can also check the stats tab. (I think G button). To reverse the effect of all your stuff dying from tailings, simply bury them deep down in a stockpile surrounded in stone in the ground. We store our tailings in the mason's stone mine.

    The world Generator is a little difficult to operate, but you may want to generate a world with a max slopes setting of 3.0. This will give you more rolling hills. Talk to people on the official discord for more information about world genning, but I have heard that the world generator will be revamped in one of the coming updates.

    The world is hard to walk about. The crags and ravines are sickening. But you don't need ramps in the world gen, you can walk up 1x tall blocks. Buuut. One of the biggest and most popular challenges of this game is getting a robust road network and road-building group to expand your roadways as more vehicles come online.

    I have heard that a WAILA (What am I looking at?) like feature is being worked on by the devs. This should tell you what your cursor is aiming at. The plant trash should decompose after about 24 hours IRL (if you play single player, you gotta keep the world running). The solid waste will turn into trash blocks and can be handled like tailings. We usually have a trash guy who gets paid by the government to handle it. I don't know what you mean about guesswork though, you can use the tooltips for information.

    In order to know when your crops are ready to harvest, you must buy/make a soil sampler. Fertlizers are almost useless atm, but it's necessary to get it to make soil samplers. I suggest making a bunch, selling them and dropping the Fertlizer skill. Everyone should have a soil sampler. It tells you when your crops are done, when the trees are fully grown(They give the most seeds this way) and smiths can use them to report the pollution in their immediate area without using the map.

    Yes, you should be able to shop the lower limbs of a tree of, say to allow the flow of road traffic. Unfortunately, that needs worked on. The addition of the chainsaw was amazing, but still Woodcutting needs a log of work. I suggest going to the official website, the account section, and voting on the roadmap.

    Right now, math is essential to the game. You need to calculate blocks used. You need to think about your efficiency levels. You need to think about what it costs you to make an item, even down to the calorie cost in food. You need to calculate what one player should be selling items at with their efficiency level so you do not over pay. You can get by without, but if you have self-admittedly poor math skills I suggest setting up a google spreadsheet with easy enter data to calculate things for you so you don't need to. I hope they add calculation tools into the game! They are fortunately adding a lot to the tooltips already.

    What version are you playing on? 7.6.3 is what my servers are running, and we no longer have deeds. They have been replaced with "Real Estate Table".

    Suggest items like your bed idea separate than long rants like this. That is a good idea. Make sure they see that. Perhaps sleeping in a bed reduces the amount of calories you burn when you log out. I suggested that latrines produce waste, and you must remove the waste like air pollution in order to keep getting points from your bathroom.

    This game is 100% player run. In order to have a store, you need a player to run it. You can't buy things from your own store, so even an admin store will do nothing. You need to have a friend join your game, and you can spawn in items with admin commands, and have him set up a store where he can buy items. On my servers I sell items in an admin shop that cannot be obtained such as fir seeds and claim papers.

    All of your complaints have led me to conclude that there should be a single player mode added to the game as soon as it's plausible. Time flow should be calculated while the server is off in single player mode(turn your single player world on, and it calculates what happened while it was off). The shop generation command should have a bot option so you can buy things on simple player. Perhaps a dummy player to give your shop properties to like an "npc".

    Fortunately, there is something you can do. In the Ecosim file in the config folder, you can change the growth rate of your plants to grow much faster if you are on a single player world that isn't online.

    I hope you find a good world with lots of helpful people to play on! This game is nearly unplayable alone. Enjoy!

  • IT does just the opposite. forcing me to use materials I don't want to use doesn't encourage coop playing. If I choose to be a mason, why would I WANT bricks or boards? why am I forced to have to use them? I really don't mind that as far as furniture and other incidentals. That's cool. so, as a mason, I can trade for wood to make chairs, beds and the like, but it should NEVER prevent me from advancing in the game and making what I want, if I want to. right now I just learned I need brick or lumber to make a factory so I can make a truck or other things. I can't because I built a huge 261 square mortared stone house/room and another 17 one, but now I have to either tear one down and build with brick or build a new one somewhere I didn't want to out of brick when I HAVE plenty of room already. I made my rooms big JUST so I wouldn't have to rebuild, not imagining you'd have out have a specific type of building out of specific material. absurd. Playing alone, as I am, all it means is I am now at a point I can DO NOTHING unless I tear down a big portion of my house and rebuild it or build another house that I should not need to since my current house is plenty big. As I said earlier, I can see having to go back and learn another skill tree, playing alone, to be able to build certain things, but not a house or shed totally unrelated to the machine I need to build. ANY form of shelter should work. wood, stone, mortared stone, brick, steel , whatever, should be fine for ANY building over ANY machine. AS it is, if you force people to have to spend time learning skills they don't want in order to get to the point they can learn the skill they want, they are not happy. Why can't I learn to make cars right up front while others are learning how to make the materials? Then by the time the materials become available, I have my factory all ready to go. Now I have to either learn the other skills myself or wait till someone else does. I cannot even START to learn a specific skill till I have mastered many other skills I don't want to learn and shouldn't need to. each skillset needs to be independent of each other in order for coop to work, not try to force the need by making irrational building requirements. see how that is more of a problem than a solution? I should be able to be a car manufacturer waiting only for someone to make steel and motors, or a windmill manufacturer waiting for others to provide materials I can use to make my specific skill sets thing. THAT's how people would and should work together, by having each thing require a skillset to build and people select what thing they are gonna be the supplier of. Not say oh, you can't build a machine shop in anything but a brick house. That's ludicrous. say as a machinist, I have ot wait for others to make the materials for that THING I am skilled at building, and likewise THEY have to come to ME for that thing, and can't make it themselves. right now things that should be a specific skill are learned automatically in general. THAT's what is killing coop play. each skillset should allow a person to make products others need,

    what world generator? I haven't seen any such thing I can access. That's my point. I am sure there is something in the background defining the world but it should be configurable in the game up front.

    I know I can walk about in the world, but I can't even pull a cart. THAT's my point. IF there were slopes all over a cart would work. no reason why it should not. Can't even imagine what happens when you get a truck. IT can't climb either, I bet.

    my trash is usually non-toxic items. so you are telling me that those blocks of trash that I have made out of the most innocuous things will pollute, no matter what unless I treat them as tailings? oh brother.

    how do I get tool tips to tell me what things are I run across in the world? Not even sure how to turn them on, assuming they are off.

    I made a soil sampler. don't know what it means. IF the soil is not perfect for a crop, what do I do? idk. if fertilizers worked, as you say, then maybe it would say needs potash or lime or whatever to raise ph or lower it, and what to do it with for each crop. as is, it is unworkable.

    I am playing 7.4.7 I see no way to update it nor any auto update.

    One of the reason I play computer games is so the computer does calculations for me. Especially as I said, when I have NO IDEA what is required or what is a good level of anything. I dont get that I am penalized for things I can't control. IF calorie consumption figures in somehow, what do I do if I can't make something efficiently? how do I even know if I am efficient or not. nothing says " you can make this, but you will have to eat ten steaks" or some such." What I Am saying is I have no idea how big teh space is required for a machine to fit in a room. assuming one block IS one meter I can get a rough idea, but how do I know of the program is figuring it using every possible configuration to account for the requirements. I mean does it count "free" spaces anywhere in the house or contiguous ones only? I can't tel what spaces current machines are "using" or counting in THEIR requirements, so how can I know what is available for a new machine?

    Thanks for responding.

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