Unable to move!?

  • Hey there, apologies if I'm missed a previous topic on this; I did search but couldn't find anything.

    Game client downloaded and fires up ok. Can connect to server ok, and game world appears to render fine, but I can't move or look around. I can click on the bottom right to open Backpack, skills, building menus etc., but just can't move or look around at all...

    Any ideas?

  • @Absinthe
    If you can see mouse cursor in game, press "Tab" button on keyboard.
    Even though you can't see cursor pressing tab will help

  • Yep tab is the key. We need to make this simpler to get because everyone runs into it.

  • That's great, thanks guys :)

    Next question I can't find an answer for, how do you close dialogs once they're opened? Eg. to close the crafting bench window I have to walk away/out of the building hut, which is fine, I can live with that. But I've just opened the skills window to spend some points, and now can't close the window XD Can't see a 'X' at the top or anything...

  • @Absinthe weird, I can see every x button from every UI.
    can you tell us which environment your runs the game?


  • If you click the skills icon again, it should close the window as well. Though there should be an X on the window

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