Server Architecture

  • Since we can't delve into the sources yet, what expects us regarding server-side architecture? What acceptance criteria do you set to it? Is it mainly focused on vertical scalability or is horizontal in mind as well?

  • Vertically only right now. Horizontal is a 'someday' thing, which I'd love to do to get 1000s of people in a single server.

  • I guess 'someday' means 'maybe in beta or after 1.0'? I just asked because I'm currently involved (at work) with transforming our vertically well scaling, domain driven architecture into a (also) horizontally scaling architecture based on a micro services / Share-Nothing architecture and realised what an impactful decision it can be.
    Certainly, there are other, less drastic ways to improve an existing system's horizontal scalability but I'm sure having it in mind during creation of the initial architecture might save one from certain pit falls (e.g., keeping as many components as possible as stateless as possible).
    Can you share existing documentation to the current(ly planned) architecture as well as thoughts for the one aspired in the end? Or shall we wait until we have access to the sources and extract it ourselves?

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