Canadian Bacon

  • Server Name: Canadian Bacon
    Version: 7.6.3
    Day: 2 As of this post.
    Mods: vanilla
    Server Location: Quebec
    Brief Description: Friendly Server, 60d meteor, noob friendly
    Server Admin(s): Chewy, WildCats
    Password protected?: Nope
    Port: 3000
    Discord Server: no discord
    World Size: 1.96km (140,140)
    World Difficulty:
    UnlearnRefundRate: 0.50
    SpecialtyCostMultiplier: 1
    SkillGainMultiplier: 1.0,
    Skills from housing + food only (passive skill gain)
    Medium Collab
    World Objective: Shoot the meteor obviously, but just have fun do whatever. it's pre-paid for 90 days, should be 24/7 up time.

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