• I can find no way to view the ecosystem stats.
    What do the colors on the map mean? either the in game map or the one that is called up by the icon at the bottom right that is online. I have no idea what the colors mean.
    I want to check my ecosystem, but can' find anything to tell me.
    I can't even find out what day it is.
    I think there used to be a bar above the stomach and house thing at the bottom left, but it is gone and I have no idea how to get it back
    I can't find any camas bulbs so i can up my cooking skills. I think I have been all over, but since the game doesn't pop up a name of what is highlighted in eh game, I have no idea. In other words it would help to find them if I knew what items were in the game screen. would also help with ore. it's sometimes hard to tell gold from copper in certain light and floating id would help.
    I made a large backpack and all I could do was put it in teh backpack window. nothing I did would open it so I could use it.

  • If you are getting started and have a lot of questions I encourage you to check out the wiki and discord for more information. The wiki is full of good info and the Discord is active enough that you can get help for specific issues pretty easily.

    I do agree with your general sentiment that the the user interface is pretty rough, right now the team is putting a lot of work into improving it so you will be able to see improvements in the near future.

  • I have been to the wiki. I find it less than informative. bare bones to say the least. doesn't tell me what the map colors mean, or any details about anything. IT mostly says: "hey, this thing exists" and thats about it.I f it's any consolation few wikis i have seen ever are. Best one was Runescape. IF you have a map and it ha various colors, surely they MEAN something, and wouldn't that be teh most BASIC infor about the map?

  • It is even harder because stats and game play is changing weekly. I suggest that if you play this game often, when you discover information like the map coloring(White is hot, purple is cold for most things) you should put it on the wiki yourself! This game is early access, and constantly changing. It can use all the contributors it can get.

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