How Do I Connect to a third party server.

  • I finally went to the server page and tried to join another server. IT would not do it. How do I add games to he favorites? I see a list of servers to the right and have been just clicking on them. I see no way to move them to the favorites. sorry, but I just can't search 600 posts to find something about servers that may not even be relevant.

  • oh wow. Thanks for all teh help guys. IT really enhances my game experience. to not be able to play with others. not even pointing me to wher I can ask and get a reply.

  • Sorry your post slipped through the cracks. For that sort of help I strongly encourage you to head over to our discord channel. The people there can help you with most of the issue you might run into.

  • haven't found much help anywhere. The problem is exacerbated by he fact it could be some settings on my machine, but as I may have said, I used to play Champions and runescape no problem. There are no in game instructions so I have no clue how to proceed. Teh list of games I click on just fails. dunno why. Dunno if tht's what I Am supposed to do or something else. some said I have to put a server address in favorites there, but I find no way to DO that.

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