Removing Tailings completely from the game

  • Is there any Mod that removes talings, or is there anyway to remove tailing from the game via server files?

  • I have only been playing a eek and a half, but I figured out a way to get around them, sorta. I made carts and parked one by the bloom. I fill a cart with tailings and have a pit I drag the cart to for trash. tailings in cart do not interact with environ, i hope, and take up far less space. I was also thinking make a tower of them and then remove the bottom layers so it doesn't touch the ground. that stops pollution, again, I hope. lol

  • Yes, that does sound like a great Idea! However, I have tried the cart method, and I can honestly say that I didn't like it, because you have to move to each cart individually just to move the Tailings where you want them, however, there is this mod called, " Glorious Beans Mod" that adds item transport pipes. I haven't used them yet, but I am more than sure that they will become allot of help, especially transporting the Tailings!

  • I just dug a pit near my bloom and park the cart next to the bloom. I fill the cart, then back it into the pit. viola. I don't know if you understand. I leave the tailings in the cart and dispose of the cart too. that way the tailings are not touching the environment. kinda like a chemical waste drum. lol

    item transport pipes? I'd be happy if all the chests and storage stuff linked and stayed in the order I wanted it. I would also like the storage list to be ale to hide/delete some items

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