Planet Harmony started 7/24.

  • Server Name: Planet Harmony
    Version: 7.6.3
    Day: 3 As of this post.
    Mods: (Better mining,logging,faming) Bigshovel, Fish food plus.
    Future plans to add alchamy profession to prolong server life when resources run low.
    Server Location:New York
    Brief Description:A non wipe server with a focus on trading/building and keeping the planet alive! Come build, trade and have a good time.
    Server Admin(s): Eavrusm, Anxious_Gamer
    Password protected?: no, but server is not public.
    IP; Port: Provided after introducing yourself in discord.
    Discord Server:
    World Size:1km
    World Difficulty: UnlearnRefundRate": 0.20, SpecialtyCostMultiplier": 2.5
    SkillGainMultiplier": 2(This May be reduced later as access to better housing/materials/food will be eaiser to come by)
    World Objective: TRADE! - To establish a working economy, jobs, a central market and home owned stores! (We have established Gold Coins as our primary currency[Backed by Gold Bars]

    So come JOIN US, while we settle on planet harmony!

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