Some suggestions

  • So there is this game called, Rising World, In which, there are building methods way better than blocks; methods that allow you to go beyond blocks with wooden planks and wooden beams. I think that wooden planks and beams for building would be great for ECO! Adding wooden beams and planks will make building more challenging and will make building more time demanding(some users prefer that) than just placing boring blocks(no hate intended). Also another thing(allot of users probably already mentioned) would be TNT for mining! The Excivator is very effective, however can make quite a bit of a mess...why shouldn’t TNT clear the way without the mess, and leave the Excivator for more...digging? I feel that the storage slots in the Excivator just isn’t enough for that kind of digging anyways. Maybe a slot addition should be required?

    Here is a video showing the planks and beams I was talking about above:

  • That game is likely good and all, but Eco likely won't change the ENTIRE block system. Blocks are easy to work with and easy to understand.

    Eco isn't a game about building, it is about ecology and economy.

  • Yes, I definitely understand what you mean. Also, I didn't mean for Eco to take out blocks completely, just to add alternatives to building structures.

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