Steam Engine makes leectricity? What am I missing?

  • I just built a steam engine in the hope of replacing my windmills, but it's not powering anything and seems to produce electrical power. Is this right?

    How can I prodice mechanical power without puttign windmills everywhere?

  • That is a valid point as many workshops and factories were powered by steam engines driving belt systems. Perhaps a secondary item a Steam Engine, and a Steam Generator. Once producing mechanical and the other electrical?

  • That was certainly what I thought would be the case.

    The original artwork of the steam engine showed it powering the assembly line by what looked like direct drive. Also the wiki says it's mechanical, not electrical, so I assume this is a new change?

    I agree an inefficient converter that turned mechanical power into electrical would make more sense.

  • It was changed recently because there was no way to get electricity before building the electric machinist table which is needed to produce things that produce electricity and requires electricity itself.

  • So I assume at some stage in the future there will be a generator object that converts mechanical energy to electrical (as per history)

  • isen't that basically what the steam engine does?
    mechanical steam engine powering a generator to create electricity.
    unless you mean a standalone generator that could be attached to a windmill or waterwheel, which would be nice.

  • *electricity

  • people use keyboards or possibly cell phones with tiny keyboards.
    typos can happen.

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