Beginning with electricity

  • The only ways I can see of generating electricity in the game are combustion generators, wind turbines, and solar generators.

    Both wind turbines and solar generators require circuits, which require substrates, which require epoxy, which requires oil. However, oil pumps need to be powered in order to work, so I can't get electricity using either of these until I already have electricity.

    Similarly, the combustion generator requires pistons, which are made in the screw press. The screw press needs power to work, so I can't make that until I have electricity.

    So as you can see, I can't make any of these three ways of generating electricity until I already have a power grid. Therefore there must be some other way to generate power that I must be missing...

    Any help would really appreciated! I'm finding this rather frustrating. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious

  • I've found the answer! For anyone else who has the same problem, whilst the screw pump status screen implies it needs electrical power, it actually runs on mechanical power.

  • Thanks for posting, Civillain!

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