Does the meteor timer still run if no-one's online?

  • Hello everyone,

    I'd love to play this game with some friends, but it seems that the meteor timer will keep on running unless in Single Player? That would be really inconvenient for me because I and my (few interested) friends have limited time. It's not very inviting if we can't stop the timer if we know we won't be online for a week :(

    Can we regulate this if we create a private server? (I'm assuming we can create a private one?)

    Thank you very much!

  • Yes, you can start your own server. You, as an admin, can disable the meteor or change the time to impact at any time if you want. You could also shut down your server, so no time is running, but noone will be able to be online. This won't be a problem, because you can change nearly everything during the game.

  • OK that's a relief, thank you very much for your quick reply!

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