Random Info for modders

  • I'm definitely not a full-on modder, but I figured I wanted to run with my normal mods and play Eco now that my computer's back up (i'm moving, it's been a few weeks). Eco updated to 7.5 or so. laugh

    So I've not figured out everything I have to change to make it work, but I figured I'd toss out the first thing I had to alter to save everyone some time.
    Everywhere you have "AddRestriction" (in storage items), it has to become "AddInvRestriction". Three letter difference making a world of.

    Now to tackle the next bit... I don't even know what it means, but I'm trying. :)


  • Ok, in the GBM pack, the only error after that for me was in FZM Tools. Since that's a .dll and a unity3d, and I don't have tools to unpack those or the inclination to do so, that's an error I couldn't fix. But the other one fixes everything else so it runs with the update. :)

    Just thought folks might want to know, since that saves time and effort. Hope it helps someone, somewhere.

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