Eco Launch EXP Build Ver 1.a

  • Hi guys sorry for the wait!
    We have just released our first experimental build! Ver 1.a!
    This is experimental so its expected to break!

    Here is a list of currently available features on the current build version!

    • Server Restarts - Set the time you want the servers to restart! This works off the current pcs time!
    • Profiles - save your server details to the app so when you open the app it returns to where you left off!
    • Run On Load - if for what ever reason the program shuts down or closes this will restart your server as soon as you open the app!
    • Instant Restart - restart your server then and now still using our safe shut down feature
    • Exit - saves the current server state and program state and safely closes the program down
    • Webserver port & API key - used to directly connect to your servers via a web page - This requires html/css/MySQL database knowledge
    • Mod Intergration - Will download and install mods for you! This is a work in progress and more mods will be available for download as support for them is added!

    This is not a final build or final version, it shall be known to break, the current website may be a work in progress and may also not have working features

    This software is not currently compatible with Linux or MacOSX

    Download here!
    You Can also post issues and suggestions in relation to it, here:

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