Community or Death by Meteor!

  • Server Name: Community or Death by Meteor! 35 day meteor (on day 8 as of this post)
    Server Location: France (low ping)
    Brief Description: Work as a community, team up and play together to destroy Meteor. Central currency, backed by Urchins, Friendly players and active community. Active Admin, Limited Slots. Discord (text) is required to play.

    Mods: Better Logging, Better Mining, Transport Pipes

    Server Admin(s): Camaflooge
    Password protected?: no
    IP; Port: Discord for Info.
    Discord :
    World Size: 100x100
    World Difficulty: Medium/ High Collaboration
    Skill Rate: 1x
    Specialty Cost: 2.8x

    World Objective: Team work, help each other and destroy meteor!

    We could use a few more players, Masons, Cooks, Engineers of all kinds! Automation (Transport Pipe skill) and anyone looking for a fun, helpful Eco experience.

    Come say Hi on the discord!

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