Placing ramp underneath character underground, extreme bug, cannot get back in game.

  • I was tunneling a mine and placing a ramp underneath myself. I'm not sure if there was limited opening above me when I placed it. After I placed it I was flung high into the sky, so high that the world turned into a small ball, shrank and then disappeared. The map zoomed way out. Then the game crashed. This happened to me twice. The first time I logged back in and everything was fine, the second time, It would crash again every time I tried to get back into the game, any game, not even on the same server. I verified integrity of game files on steam. I could then get back into a different game, but trying to get back on the server where this happened would crash the game as soon as it loaded. This is very frustrating as I was really enjoying the game, and finally found a good server where I was doing well. Now I lost that entire game and hours of work.

    crash.dmp error.log

  • I am having the same issue too. same thing placed a ramp under myself, but outside, and bam crash to desktop, every time i log in to that server same thing.error.log

  • Okay so my issue isn;t exactly the same as you two however we all have this line in our error log:
    "UnityPlayer.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
    in module UnityPlayer.dll at 0033:5ef4fb05."
    So I'm guessing it comes under the same area as you guys. I got trapped in a wall though and now game refuses to let me back in.

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