Large areas in world not appearing causing seethrough and fallthrough.

  • There are pieces of my world that do not appear or load in that I can fall through. Sometimes when mining can find small areas a block or two large but now it is a large piece of my world not showing up and it is the same area every time. To fix the areas I have put a block in front and taking them out and vwala the terrain appears but these areas are hundreds of block long. Thank you for any help.

  • Here are some pictures of what's going on I am using admin commands to get all the skills. This happens with and without mods I have uninstalled reinstalled and verified the game cache multiple times. I have switched version. I am right now running a server I made today, singleplayer. I am using through steam and I am back on the current game version.

  • Pictures are not going through!

  • Screenshot (46).png

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