World Leader Pretend

  • Features

    • Building an Eco server community
    • Roleplaying is encouraged
    • New players welcome
    • 4GB Server in New York, USA - hosted by Pingperfect
    • 140 x 140 map (1.96km2)
    • Low Collaboration, 1x skill point modifier, skill points for actions
    • 2x skill point Saturdays
    • No mods until after game release
    • Friendly moderators
    • 30 day meteor - 90 day map
    • Discord server
    • Website is in the works

    New to the game, or just looking for a more satisfying Eco game experience? Come and join our brand new Eco RP server! While we do have a meteor, we intend to continue to operate the current map for a while before we wipe, unless, of course, a major game update forces us to reset early. Live in town or venture out. Fill any role in the society you can imagine, and make your own way. Help to stop the big rock or just go fishing...we welcome anyone who wants to play in a friendly and helpful environment. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Server address: -- Discord:

  • Great server with a player-owned guild system. Many contracts to simulate a guild quest system. Come check us out and either run or join a guild! The starter town is large and growing daily! The economy is already established. As of the writing of this post, we need engineers and masons!