Combustion Engine - Not working

  • I am running on a server, when I place down the combustion engine it will not become operational.
    saving that this has been disabled by the power grid to save resources.
    I need to know how to fix this!

    Many thanks,


  • It needs the Combustion Generator in order to work.

  • When I place down the combustion generator it says that 'power grid disabled this generator to save resources' has a red cross.
    How do I fix this?

  • What's happening is that you've put down a generator but as far as the grid can tell, you already have enough power, so it's not turning on in order to reduce pollution. You need more machines that require power in order for the generator to work.

  • Hi

    'power grid disabled this generator to save resources'

    same problem for me ><

  • It seems like it is the problem cause by Internal Combustion Engine.

    Its basic content is, repair or replace crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder liner, valve seat and valve duct. Repair of eccentric bearings; replacement of plunger pairs, oil delivery valve pairs and needle valve pair. Repair welding oil pipe and joints; repair water pump, governor, remove water scale scale; inspect, repair, adjust lines, instruments, charging generators and starter motors in the power supply system; install, inspect, test, adjust each system, and load test.

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