[Eng 60 Day public server]

  • eco.thurdi.com is launching for the public on Wed 6/6/2018.
    We're looking for players to round out the server. +SP for actions and crafting, Medium Collaboration. 60 day Meteor (have fun and try to sustain the world).

    More info in our Discord!

    Public Library - Get scrolls for a small fee to ensure you never fall behind.
    Global Currency - Turn in wood pulp for Stix (Server Currency) to help get you started on the server.

    Server name: Eco.thurdi.com

    The roles you're looking for (if applicable):

    Age range: All ages welcome

    Timezone: NA / Central

    Server info (IP, Website, Discord, etc.):
    IP: eco.thurdi.com:3005
    Discord: https://discord.gg/E4VdMqh
    Website: Under construction.

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