Community Server Day 5! Fresh world!

  • Community Server Day 5! Fresh world!

    Server Name: Community or Death by Meteor! 45 day Meteor New Players Welcome

    We're looking for a few more players to join our private team work oriented server.

    Fresh world, Day 5 **Plenty of specialties available! **

    100x100 size
    Very High Collaboration
    Active Admin
    Slots limited
    Focus on collaboration, team work
    Having FUN!

    We're a friendly and helpful community that welcomes new players as much as veteran players. We are all over the world from North America to the UK and beyond.

    Discord is required to play on the server. Text chat is fine.
    We use it to communicate about the game, events and objectives while not in game.

    We have an open global currency. Since we work together there isn't need to worry about inflation and such. People buy what they need, when they need it. Greed is null.

    Come to the discord channel, say Hi, meet the players, tell us a bit about what interests you about Eco and I'll send you the Server information.
    Enjoy the Eco!

    Camafloogebolded text

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