Stone vs Wood: propper balanced?

  • Hi folks,

    I was wandering, while watching the game progress if wood and stone professions are well balanced?

    Wood gathering is fun, and imposes a lot of interesting challanges.
    You have to search for it and go there.
    You spend a lot of kCal chopping it.
    You have to "drag" it home.
    And you have to replant it and wait relatively long.
    What you get is "just" wood.

    For stone it appeares drastically different:
    With one hit you break the block and can collect (second hit appeares to occure quite rarely)
    You can Dig in a straight line, not worrying about elevation, and so have the luxury to use Carts.
    Your Supply of stone practically does not run dry, since behind a harvested block is always the next one.
    You do not have to travel the world for your Stone, you can just dig anywere.
    You do not have to replant
    You do not have to wait.
    And on top of it you get all available ores as a bonus.
    And you get coal, not even being dependant on Lumberjacks for firewood for lighting and furnace.

    Do not get me wrong, I am not jealous. I have both professions.
    But I find it suspicious, that I can dig propostrous large tunnels into Rock, during the same time my friend "struggles" to chop down 1 Tree, including downtimes for carrying his stuff home.
    Oh, and did I mention, that he on top has to manually chop the seeds, bevor chopping the tree? From Places he can almost not reach? ;-)

    Seriously, I think Stone should not break on 1st hit. Make it like the trees! Coulple of hits to break the Block and then some hits to collect the bite size pieces.

    And maybe it is worth to think about the carrying weight of stone :-)

    Just my 2 cents, have fun! :-)

  • Oh, and what is it with the huge kCal consumption on scrap Wood? :-)

  • Stone is the easier resources to harvest.
    But i think this is balanced within the game.

    When we look at Tier 1 building materials:
    Mortared Stone = 8 Stone + 3 pitch
    Hewn Log = 2 log's

    Tier 2 building materials:
    Brick = 20 stone + 5 Pitch
    Lumber = 10 log's

    So i agree with you that log's are more difficult to gather.
    But then this is why their are worth more than stone.

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