Dictatorship possible?

  • Hi folks! :-)

    We play on a 40+ Player Server and wander if there is any way to streamline the government business.
    We like the idea of a Discworld like tyranny. Representatives discuss pros and cons, but descisions are inevatebly made by a single person.

    So, is there a way to make someone supreme ruler who can decide, without voting?
    And/or is there a way to eliminate (or even extend) the 24h waiting time until a law is in effect?

    Thanks in advance, your help is very much apreciated!

  • The closest I can think of getting to this without modding the game requires the Dictator to be an Admin.
    Then (according to https://eco.gamepedia.com/Chat_Commands) they can use...

    • /leader <username> to elect themselves.
    • /passlaws to pass all pending laws.
    • /clearlaws to clear all active laws.

    Not ideal of course, they would be restricted to passing all pending or clearing all active laws at any given time.

    If you were able to come up with a law that prevented others from proposing laws then you could be a Dictator (still assuming you are an admin). I don't think such a law is possible at this time though.

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