Deeper Impact - (July-1st) Vanilla 30 Day Meteor - Dedicated - 6 hour backups!

  • Hi Everyone!

    We're looking for all friendly and responsible people!
    Skill cost are reduced by half for each specialty trees due to our current population of 5-10 active players, and collaboration difficulty is set to low to improve our chances of survival in this difficult planet.

    We have an active but small community of players from North America. We use discord's voice chat at to communicate with each other, but it's not a requirement. Further details to the server's planet would be easily accessible from

    • Our game IP:
    • Server Capacity: 32
    • World Size: 1KM^2
    • Intended Collaboration Difficulty: 5-10 Players
    • Skill Special Cost: Halved
    • Refund Rate: 0.5
    • Moderators: Goury, Dahitman
    • Profanity Filter: None

    The server is hosted on a dedicated machine in New York, controlled by ftp and web interfaces so it's easily accessible by me and whoever I appoint as sub admin. It makes 4 backups per day, every 6 hours and keeps up to half a week's worth of backups. And since this server runs straight vanilla gameplay, it should pose little problem to the stability for the players in the future of updates (hopefully).

    Good luck, have fun!

  • Last wipe's meteor shooting video on July 1st:

    We increased the planet's size from 0.52KM^2 to 1.0KM^2 to accommodate more people's expansion and the need for roads.

  • Due to our community feedback regarding connection issues, I moved the server to USA instead of France. IP and Domain name pointers have been changed accordingly while we are using the same save from France.