Lost my cart when falling into the sea

  • I've lost my cart when falling into the sea (height 40) from a bridge (height 64).

    I was trying to extend a sea-crossing bridge at y=64. I set my cart close to a storage. I load the cart with road blocks. I drag the cart to the building site. When I building a block I fall off from the bridge. After I return to the building site I cannot find my cart. I checked the coordination on the cart deed - no cart there.

    I restored the server data from an earlier backup. Afterwards I replicated and confirmed the bug.

    I run my 2-men server with the steam version eco-server on the LAN. I play the game from another PC.
    I've record a short video showing this bug. If necessary I can pass the video to developers via private message.

  • Yes, please file a bug report here https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues

    Thank you so much!

  • I did a similar thing, but out of ignorance. I made a cart and thoght I'd rather take sand from the other side of the river. I figured I could just swim across with the cart in tow. It sunk to teh bottom and took me with it. good thing we dont drown. could not swim up with it. relaode game and eventually saw the cart at the bottom of an underwater giant hole I was swimming over. can't even swim down to it.. oh well. I made another cart.

  • 'Ctrl' should allow you to swim down to hit and then pick it up with your hammer.

  • aha! thanks! now, about starting a new game or world... lol

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