Commerce and economy

  • Can someone help me out a little here.

    So each player has inf of their own currency, so when you get up a shop to "sell things" firstly you have to give everyone some of your currency to spend, (given there is currently no backed currency in my world yet). They can obviously gain your currency by selling stuff to you or through contracts. However you as the player trying get people to use your currency, in your store, you will never gain anything because your personal currency is always inf (up until the point that someone starts minting money).

    In short, until someone mints a currency everyone is going to use. You may as well just swap favours? There's no need for a store or tax on your workbenches?


  • I guess it depends on the collaboration level set. We had a game where it was really hard to gain skills and me being the Carpenter. People ended up begging me to buy stuff so they could afford basic furniture, boards etc and eventually they chose MY credits as a currency traded in their shops as well. Of course this meant I had unlimited access to all their products, but that was okay. ALSO you can donate your credits to anyone by using the /pay command, so this way you might enforce the use of "your" currency. However, you're still right, that it basically makes more sense to wait for a proper currency. Still, it's nice to get the prices (economy) setup before the currency comes, I think.

  • I always set up trading posts early game. Put raw materials you need in for buy and Set them to something like 25-50% more materials than your efficiency. Then people will sell things like stone or wood for your recipes that you don't need to focus on. Also make use of reputation. I always give 1 or 2 to my early customers to get more people trading with me.

  • We have a game running where everyone has his own currency. Some collaborate and some don't. Everyone who starts a store should buy something very basic. A carpenter should buy logs, a mason should accept stone. You can also accept food, so the others can afford your items. But the whole thing only works on at least a medium difficulty where you can't do every job on your own.
    It works - but not on every serversetting

    If you wish to work closer together with a smaller group you can add a 2nd whitelisted shop where only some people can buy your goods for less or nothing.

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